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The Beckham Report
After 12 games, the Portville Panther Boys' Soccer team is 7-4-1 with 6 electrifying shutouts.  They are beating squads that have bothered them in the past, and Coach Warney is delighted with the results.
The players are talented and hard-working, shutting out Olean, Ellicottville twice, Franklinville, Walsh, and Bolivar-Richburg.  They lost to powerhouse Jamestown in OT, and they tied a good Wellsville unit.
Goalie Jared Warner is adding up the saves like Hasek used to do for the Sabres.  A ton of dudes are scoring goals for the Panthers, and night games under the home lights look great from the top of the hill on 305 near Sprague's Restaurant.
It looks like the team is primed to make a run in the playoffs, but they'll have to take it up a notch come post-season.
Go Panthers!!!
Memo:  Someone tell Coach Warney to go to the Study Hall at www.pcs1979.com to post his comments and feelings on this season.





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