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Read this story (and look at that buck!) from the Hawbaker Archives:


"In 1984, I was secretly thinking about joining the Big Jim staff, but I thought I'd first pay for a week, just to check the place out...see what all the huss was about.
Sure enough, I bagged an 9-point the first day out (above).  On the second day, Big Jim came to me personally and asked me to come on board.  He'd been growing leaps and bounds, so he needed another hunting expert right there and then.
I've been with the Lodge ever since, and I've seen alot of novices take home some big bucks and huge gobblers. 
Big Jim has twenty or so men and women on the hunting staff, and any one of us would be glad to teach you the fundamentals and/or the advanced details of fun, successful deer and turkey hunting.
I know every inch of the 5,000 acres that the Hawbaker's own, lease, or oversee.  I've done it all - bow, shotgun, rifle, New York, Pennsy, Maine."


Jedediah and Lynford Hawbaker, two full-timers from the huntin' clan (pictured left) have taken 56 legal buck between them since 1980, most of them from the Irish Basin, headquarters for Big Jim Central.  They've also assisted 383 clients bag 180 buck and 265 doe during that time period.  Lynford's been working for Big Jim since the start and he supervised construction of the new Lodge facility and Hawbaker Ranch.
Click Lodge construction to read about the building of Big Jim's Ranch and Lodge.

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