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James Thaddeus Hawbaker has been hunting for 59 of his 68 American years.  Since 1960, he's been teaching both men and women, young and old, how to effectively bag white-tail deer, turkey, and other game found in these parts.
In 1980, Big Jim started building his fabulous Hunting Lodge, down along Dodge Creek in the Irish Basin.  Since then, the old master and his top-flight crew (including Ma and the 12 Hawbaker boys) have entertained and trained hundreds of hunters across Western New York
Register today!  Whether you wanna come by for one day, a weekend, or a week, we have the facilities to make your hunting experience the best ever.  Of course, the longer you stay, the more you'll learn and we'll give you a discount.  The earlier you call ahead, the more you'll save as well.
Alot of our customers are women, city folk, and beginners, so don't be intimidated by our rustic surroundings.  We aim to please with first-rate expertise, hospitality, and good-times.
Call for reservations at one of our excellent facilities:
Big Jim Pennsy                    Big Jim Maine
In fact, if you visit for a week, we will GUARANTEE YOU AT LEAST A DOE...OR YOUR MONEY BACK!!

Big Jim

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Big Jim's Lodge is more than just hunting.  Just as good is Ma Hawbaker's home-cookin.  Going at it from 3 am til 9 pm, Mother and her helpers put together the yummiest meals this side of the Allegheny River.
During the off-season, when Big Jim's crew is preparing for the up-an-coming deer or turkey season, the Lodge does not slow down.  Expert woodsman and craftsman, Andy Dean, heads up "Artifact Expeditions" across Allegany and Cattaraugus County.  They ALWAYS find something you can take home to show loved ones, like 400-year-old Iroquois arrowheads, stone beads, stone knives, and other tools/artifacts from long ago.
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