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Day 2 + 3
Big Jim Hawbaker here.  As you know, the first day of shot gun was a challenge for pritnear everybody - 3 Basin buck in total though.  I reckon we were still recovering from the Panther gridiron exploits.
Day 2 saw Lynford and Hanson bring down an 8-point and 6-point respectively...Lefty and Clem were countin' on getting the big Hartford.  Clem saw him cross 305 in the afternoon, and I could detect the hunger growing betwixt the two hunters.
But lo and behold, November 19th came along to mess everything up.  The rain came early and often - a big-ass downpour that lasted for hours.  While most everyone else returned to their day jobs, Lynford, Hanson, and Lefty had the Basin for themselves...and were greeted with a whole slew of water.
About one in the afternoon, I finished a fine lunch prepared by Mother and decided to check on Dodge Creek.  I arrived at the Irish Basin portal to find Lynford standing on the bridge, ankle-deep in flood waters raging down the Dodge.  There he was, fighting off Mother Nature and trying to keep a ton of driftwood from piling up and crushing the trusty crossway.


Lynford was barely keeping ahead of the onslaught, when Harley arrived to join the battle.  The water was surprisingly tepid, but muddy as sin and rising by the minute.  As God as my judge, I hadn't seen the Dodge that high since the big flood of '72.


By 3 o'clock, Harley and Lynford were shin-deep in the torrent, and the bridge was way under.  Judas Priest, I thought they were gonna be swept in.
"Like a crazed coyote, I kept working on the bridge when Lynford went up on the hill to scout for deer," noted Harley back at the Hawbaker Lodge.  "I could barely stand any more...the water was so fierce.  I got the heck outa there when I almost grabbed a dead possum stuck in all the crap.  I wasn't about to catch any Typhoid."







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