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During the summer of 1975, we did alot of camping in the lean-to's, under the stars, under fallen trees, and never in tents.  For a few nights, a bunch of guys camped out on the other side of the Dodge, close to the creek.  It was around one of these campfires that Tim Russell suggested building a log cabin.
We started immediately that July, but the logs were only 9 feet long and weak, so we abondoned the project after a few logs had been dragged to the site.
The desire and need for a get-away in the woods burned in the core campers though.  More and more of them joined the fun, as streaking became the big fad just before football season began.  In fact, the whole summer was filled with streaking up and down 305.
(to be continued)

Mokes still grow in the Basin



Pockalny built the 1st and only outhouse


Returning to the first tree in 1985

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