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The Pre-Cabin Days
In 1969, 3 local men bought over 100 acres of the Irish Basin - Wimp Swetland, Jim Reynolds, and Johnny Reynolds.  This occurred right after Bob Benson had the dense forest logged...a mild operation that left a nice logging road that began at Route 305, next to the West Genesee Cemetery, just south of Obi.
The road meandered to and crossed the Dodge Creek via a big sluice pipe...a construction project that created an 8-foot deep swimming and fishing hole that saw much use the first few years.


We slowly got used to the wilderness property, using it for blackberry picking, playing army, swimming, hiking, fishing, camping, and hunting.  Around Easter of 1972, kids started camping out in the woods without their parents.  There was no bridge across Dodge Creek at that time, so we made use of fallen trees or crossed through the water and got wet.
It was an idyllic time.  Whatever that means.
During junior high school, we camped out regularly during the summer, erecting lean-to's and forts...and sleeping under giant fallen trees or just under the stars.  By 8th grade, the Basin Gang of boys numbered about two dozen.

1994 satellite photo of Reynolds house

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