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Welcome to the Obi Log Cabin
Starting in September 1975, a group of two dozen kids from Portville began construction of a log cabin, by hand, deep in the woods of Obi, New York.
Working almost every week through football season and into the harsh winter, these boys finally completed the task in April of 1976.  Consisting mainly of 8th and 9th grade student-athletes, the Obi cabin gang built a teenage get-away that lasted for a decade.
During its heyday in the late 70s, the Cabin became an epicenter and haven for a group that grew to 75 kids in the small town of Portville.  It was the place to be for a huge number of males and females, jocks and brains, hunters and musicians.
After high school, some of these kids stayed in town to build buildings, while other kids went to college in places like Clemson, Ohio, Rhode Island, Nebraska, Wyoming, Buffalo, Geneseo, Richmond, Grove City, Rochester, Alfred, and other universities.
They became doctors, producers, pharmacists, teachers, entrepreneurs, builders, coaches, leaders, artists, laborers, and adventurers across the USA.
Today, the land where the cabin stood is owned by Lance Reynolds. 


1995 after 3 feet of snow knocked down roof

The Obi Log Cabin

1976 The first trees cut down


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