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2006 Huntin' Season
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The 2006 White-Tail Season has begun, and a bunch of Hawbakers are takin' buck all over, both with bow and gun. 
Jeff Hawbaker killed an 8-point via bow and arrow up behind Big Ben's place.
I hear from Lefty that a big 10-point was bagged on top of Coon Hollow by one of the Hawbaker neighbors...on one of the Hawbaker oil leases.  Joel Hawbaker got a big one up on Lillibridge...I can't remember how big.
Young Josh Hawbaker did in an 8-pointer up in the Irish Basin on the first day of gun.  Lynford's attempt at this buck went unsuccessful, but we'll forgive him cuz he was teaching the young hunters at the time.
Jedediah got his 4-point on day 2 in the Basin, which had alot of does runnin' round.  As usual, in the whole, there were too many doe and too few buck...from what most of the boys are saying.  But there have been some dandies, and here are some photos below.
Email your photos with what, when, where, how.

Ray Auman, Allegany County 2006


Markus Hawbaker took this boy up on 305 with bow and arrow.



Rich Hawbaker went out with a crew of four to Illinois, including his brother Freeman.  Rich took this one the last day of the trip, and got er on video.


Freeman Hawbaker and friends in Illinois with their prizes.

"Howdy fellers...You're right on time" - Big Jim Hawbaker