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Town of Genesee
1869 DG Beers + Co Atlas

Adapted from 1896 Mary A. Lackey's History of Genesee, New York

West Clarksville

Little Genesee


Ceres, NY

1817John BellBorn in EnglandCeres, Bell Brook Jane King (Ceres, PA) 
1819Newman CrabtreeWirt, NYLittle Genesee Creek  1821 Lumber Mill
1822Jabez BurdickBerlin, NYAbove Little Genesee 1 son + 2 daughters 
1824Roswell StreeterBerlin, NY   First framed house sold to Wells
 Ezekial CrandallRhode Island  5 childrenBought 1,000 acres with Wells, etc.
 Joseph WellsRhode Island  6 childrenLumber Mill, Blacksmith shop
1825Riverious Hooker Dodge Creek   
 John Loop Wolf Creek  Moved to PA
1826Joseph MaxsonRhode IslandWindfall Creek 4 grown childrenGrandson Asa L. Maxson in house
 Ira BurdickBerlin, NYBelow Little Genesee Polly + 2 kidsKilled in 1827
 Horace Wilson    Sold to Henry Crandall + Wm. L. Bowler
 Hiram Wilson    Sold to Henry Crandall + Wm. L. Bowler
1827William Hooker Dodge Creek Norry 
 John Cook Dodge Creek   
 Samuel JaquesRhode IslandValley east of village   
 George KenyonRhode IslandValley east of village   
 Joel CrandallRhode IslandValley east of village   
 Benjamin MaxsonRhode IslandLittle Genesee valley   
 Ethan KenyonRhode IslandLittle Genesee valley   
 David MaxsonRhode IslandBelow village   
 Amos GreenRhode IslandWindfall valley   
 Rev. Henry P. GreenRhode IslandWindfall valley   
 James KingRhode IslandBelow Ceres village   
1828Daniel EdwardsRhode Island    
 John EdwardsRhode IslandMile above Ceres   
 George PotterConnecticut    
 Rowland CoonRhode IslandCoon Hollow   
1829Paul EnnisRhode IslandDodge Creek   
 Ebenezer D. Bliss Windfall valley Son David 
 Joseph Boss     
 Peleg Babcock Windfall valley   
 Daniel Carr Below Ceres village   
 Edward Steenrod Below Ceres village   
 John Darling Ceres   
1830George IrishConnecticutDodge Creek   
 Joseph S. CrandallOtsego CountyDodge Creek   
 Ethan P. CrandallOtsego CountyDodge Creek   
 Palermo LackeyVermont   1838 settled on farm
1831Elliott SmithBrookfield, NYDodge Creek   
 Elias L. MaxsonRhode IslandDodge Creek   
 George MerrittRhode IslandWindfall valley   
 John TannerPetersburgWindfall valley   
 Matthew M. Crandall SW town   
 Asa Langworthy near Bolivar line   
1832Jarius Crandall Windfall valley   
 Z. Reynolds Maxson Little Genesee village   
 Warren Hyde North part of town   
 Paul Edwards South part of town   
1833Albert B. Crandall Deer Creek son A.K. Crandall 
 Henry C. ChamplinAlfredDodge Creek  1834 moved to Deer Creek
1834Paul Crandall Ceres   
 Marvin Wheelock Ceres   
 Dennis Saunders Windfall valley   
 Horace Buten Windfall valley   
 Alvah Cooper Ceres   
 Ira Cooper Ceres   
 Cyrus Cooper Ceres  Owned a mill
 Russell Cooper Ceres  Owned a mill