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Dec 22, 2004 Meeting     American Legion     7-9 pm
John Ensell, Ben Reynolds, Jimmy Reynolds
The main item on the agenda was the annual Awards Banquet, which will be held at
Saturday, January 22, 2005 starting with social hour at 6 pm, followed by a catered dinner from the Mason Jar.
Awards will follow, and include MVP, Lineman, Unsung, and Sportsmanship.  The following 17 seniors were considered:
Kris Young
Brian Nitsche
Josh Haynes
Tetuia Yagi
PJ Sheehey
Dustin Neudeck
Nick Prozeller
Brad Hill
Ross Degolier
Josh Kausner
Matt Miller
Tim Zapel
Jared Warner
Shane Hood
Eric Caya
Garrett Stephen
Brad Holcomb
The final winners were decided after discussion.
John and Ben will handle the plaques for all seniors and plaques for winners.
John noted the following budget for the banquet:
Food     $750
Snacks and Pop     150
Beer Keg     50
Plaques     450
Hall Rental     125
Total     $1525
We have $1,872.94 in the bank.
The rest will go toward the DVD Recorder that was supported by funds from donating alumni Doug Torrey, Rob Pockalny, and Paul Dorman...and a big screen TV for the Banquet Highlight Show after the awards are distributed.
Ben will send out invitations to the seniors and their parents, as well as the coaches, youth coaches, members, and special guests.  We hope to have about 75 folks for the event.  RSVP by Jan. 15
Jimmy is creating the highlight film.
Rumor has it that Boomer Connell will be present this time around.
Next meeting is Jan 16, 7:30 pm
Aug 26, 2004 Meeting     American Legion     8-12 pm
John Ensell, Ben Reynolds, Chris Holcomb, Jimmy Reynolds
The Raffle was a moderate success, as the event had no major problems but 21 tickets were not sold.
We are still waiting for all the money to come in via the mail and personally.
Gary Woodhead won the top prize of $1,500.
Next year, a chain of responsibility will be set up with officers and unit ticket sellers.
Tickets should be distributed to sellers by June 10th and money returned 2 weeks before raffle.
Prize money will be as follows:
1st ticket drawn and sealed     1,200
2                                  "                  500
3                                  "                  200
4                                  "                  100
5                                  "                  100
6                                  "                    75
25                                                      50
50                                                      25
75                                                      25
100                                                    25
125                                                    25
150                                                    25
175                                                    25
200                                                    25
225                                                    25
250                                                    25
275                                                    25
The club will be taking in $3525 and giving out $2475.
We will also consider doing two 50-50's.
We will order half the amount of food we did or go back to first list.
The meatballs were frozen and the rolls were old.
We hope to offer coffee with the desserts.
Get another roaster.
Keep an extra quarter keg on reserve.
Raffle five bottles.
Mike Torrey has a DJ system for next year.
Next Meeting - Thursday,  October 14    8pm    Legion

August 5, 2004 Meeting
American Legion
John Ensell, Ben Reynolds, Jimmy Reynolds, Chris Holcomb
Preparation for August 21st Raffle Party...
More of the 300 total tickets need to be distributed and sold.
Park and Shop will handle the food and beer.
Party is from 5-11 pm.
Jimmy will emcee the numbers.
Holcomb suggested less 25 dollar winners and use extra money for teams or club budget.
Boomer Connell advises team to buy $3,000 digital camera for game film and $3,000 worth of computer equipment and software for complete digitalization.
Jimmy will send out emails to all potential ticket buyers and also will advertise party on Club website.
A new 2004 Portville Football website is being created.
the 2003 site continues to get at least 50 visitors per week, with the top pages:
Alumni Game 1
Cal-Mum game
Alumni Game 5
The Club website has had 700 visitors since its debut.
Hope to have music at party.
Bills game will be on radio during party.
Hope to show Alumni Football Game at 6 pm.
Next meeting will be August 14, 7 am at Jan's Restaraunt

Feb 12, 2004 Meeting
7p  Portville American Legion
Attending:   John Ensell,  Ben Reynolds Sr.,  Jimmy Reynolds, and Chris Holcomb
A meeting handout was distributed, noting the HOME mission statement and the details below.
The group agreed with the wording as it is in this website.
Group agreed to invite new members via 5 routes -
1. Face to face
2. Phone
3. Letter
4. Booth at Games
5. Website
An incomplete master list of Portville football players from 1930 to 2004 was provided by JR, including 480 names listed under graduating year.   Members were encouraged to contact players they know in the area face to face and by phone.
JR will write a membership letter that will be sent to former players who do not live in the immediate area, asking for support.  We will begin with 100 letters.
All will be encouraged to look at this website.
Estimated Number of Portville Football Alumni living in the following areas:
Portville                       70
Big 30 Area                250
WNY+Twin Tiers        325
NY-PA-OH                   400
Other                          200
TOTAL                       600
We will need the following ROLES fulfilled by members this year -
1  Chain Gang (3 per game) - Don Jordan?  Denny Cornell?
2  Senior Player Evaluators (3 per game)
3  Raffle Director
4  Banquet Director - Chris Holcomb
We agreed to meet on a monthly basis.
The tentative Raffle Party date is Saturday, August 28, 2004.  John will look into the details.  It would coincide with the first varsity interscholastic scrimmage that morning.
We will print our own 300 raffle tickets at $20 each, which will result in $6,000 for payouts and funds for the teams.  JR will design the new tickets.
We discussed having a Super Bowl Party in 2005 to raise money for the high school and youth teams.
A Preliminary Austere 2004 Budget was calculated as follows -
600    Banquet Food
100    Banquet Drinks
125    Banquet Hall
300    Awards
750    Raffle Food/Drinks
150    Website
150    Printing
  50    Postage
  25    P.O. Box
500    High School Team
100    Youth Teams
  50    Booster Club
150    Miscellaneous
We would like to give $2,000 per year to the high school team.
Chris Holcomb suggested honoring the 1984 undefeated team at the next banquet.
We will also lend our support to the Alumni Football Game (May 29) and the Moke Jaekle Golf Tourney (July 10) and bring all of these entities together, as they have similar goals.
The Portville Iron Man Competition is always the first Saturday morning in August, the same day as the Big 30 Game in Bradford.  We will support this event.
Recent data from the website was released:
Number of Visitors to these pages -
ALUMNI FOOTBALL GAME                   500
Top Web Pages:
1    Football Home     4,150
2    Varsity                 2,200
3    Guestbook           1,800
4    Cal-Mum                 830
5    History                    710
6    Photos 1                 710
7    1978 Team             560
8    Alumni Game        500
9    Cleve Hill 2            450
10  Ralph Photos         420
JV                 290
Midgets        288
Ponies          203
Pee Wees    175
The meeting was adjourned at 9 pm.

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