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March 5, 2006 Meeting
Present: Chris Yehl, Benny Reynolds, Jimmy Reynolds, Gary Swetland, Dan Bailey, Shane Studley, Dana Cornell, Ryan Hunt, Kyle Witherell, Mike Struchen, Scott Forrest, Mike Hendryx, John Gordnier, Andy Studley, Mike Torrey, Matt Miller, Jon Darrin, Jess McFall, Tim Jordan, Moke Jaekle, Boomer Connell, Scott Everetts, JD Van Sickle, Brian Hunt.
(I might have forgotten someone)
Portville Alumni Football Association President Chris Yehl called the meeting to order.
Ryan Hunt was unanimously picked to be our Vice-President, taking the place of Tim Emley.
We discussed ways in which we could help out the youth and high school programs with the money we raise from this contest.
Each player will be given 25 raffle tickets to sell before game.
Sponsor forms will be emailed out soon.
Every player will be required to get 2-3 sponsors.
During the game, we will need at least 12 gate people.
Chris noted that many folks snuck in free.
We will also need a main table for a headquarters.
We need 12 new players to get a discount on the jerseys from the Sports Locker.  Each player will be required to call and order and pay for jerseys and pants.  We will give them a list of our team.
We will have some post-game awards to be given out during the post-game party.
Treasurer Dan Bailey reviewed our financial status.  We have $2,155 in the bank.
The 2005 gate drew $2,075, program $300, sponsors $800, 50/50 $200, Raffle $115, Auman $25.
We paid the refs $142, Trainers $155, Legion $100.
We definitely need to have paid trainers present for the game.
We will get the Times Herald more involved, inviting a reporter and photog with tickets.
We also need to be more active with WPIG.
President Yehl spoke of the importance of the Release Form.
Coach Swetland reiterated on the above, and passed out a tentative schedule and calendar of dates, practices.
The next meeting with be in the classroom on Sunday, April 2 7pm.  This is a mandatory meeting for all players, so move your schedule around to be there!
Email with any questions and updates.

The Portville-Allegany Gridiron Rivalry began in 1930