PCS Class of 79
30 Year Reunion - July 10 & 11, 2009

  Moke & Rutt Go To Lunch
Moke and Rutt last saw each other thirty years ago at Mel Pollock's graduation party. Recently they contacted each other and decided to get together for lunch.
Rutt arrived first. Long ago he gave up his cool Vega hatchback party vehicle and superbad Kawasaki 175 dirt bike and now drives a conversative, economically-priced mini-van.
"The mini-van is a rental. I have a pick-up and a 4-wheeler at home," stated Rutt, who was most likely lying.
"Well I see things haven't changed since high school, continued Dave. "Moke is late, as always. I woundn't be suprised if he doesn't show at all, just like the time he stiffed Wayne, me and few others for the big canoe trip down the Allegheny."
Just then Moke sped into the parking lot with his high-end sound system cranking some Skynyrd. Unlike Dave, Moke gave up his souped-up 70's Nova muscle car for a very expensive, sleak and fast, imported sports car.
Both Moke and Rutt still look great three decades after high school. "Hey, can I copy your history homework in study hall after lunch," joked Moke as he shook hands with Rutt. Both men laughed.
  The first order of business was to reenact their controversial 1979 Prom picture, when through some odd voting anomaly, Moke and Rutt became the only two males in PCS history chosen King and Queen of the annual event. To this day, it has never been clearly determined who was voted King and who was voted Queen.  
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